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Top 5 benefits of using Google Analytics for your business

Google Analytics is the web analytics offered by Google that will allow you to better understand your website traffic. The tool provides in-depth insight into your website and your business’s online performance.

Google Analytics will be useful for obtaining visitor insights and making data-backed decisions whether you manage a business, a news site, or a personal blog.

Today, most businesses utilize the Google Analytics tool to enhance their operations since it enables them to monitor key metrics while taking into account all business-related factors, such as user experience and the success of online marketing campaigns. It gives us all the knowledge we require to run our company and create the greatest website possible.

1- Google Analytics is Free

The most significant benefit of Google Analytics is that it’s free! You just need to instal it on your website, and it is very easy. A proper setup might require more work and require more insights into business goals.

2- Understand User Behaviour

Google Analytics lets you to understanding your users, visitors and customers using your website. Having the user’s behavioural data of the users can help you to change your website and can improve your business. The key benefit of behavioural metrics is that it provides you valuable information on what pages get the most traction and engagement.

3- Figure out where your users are coming from

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In order to do business successfully, geographic location is crucial, and Google Analytics gives you this information. Knowing what engages your target audience the most will help you create even better content and create engaging online advertising.

Demographic data available from your visitors: language, country, city, age and gender.

Google Analytics allows the creation of audiences based on user actions such as: all users (the default first audience), new users, users who visited a specific page, users who completed a goal conversion, users who completed a transaction and use these action-based audiences in your google ads to create powerful remarketing campaigns.

The benefit of Google Analytics audiences is you can create as many audiences as you need, so you can target different users and customers at the various stages of a sales funnel.

4- Track Online Traffic

The origins of every web traffic can be tracked. It's essential to know where your website's visitors are coming from if you want to operate an online business. A great online growth strategy is built on understanding how visitors reach your website.

Your ability to make data-driven decisions about how to expand your online business is facilitated by being able to quickly see your growing visitors by their origins. Improving your traffic generation methods starts by defining the best traffic channels.

Google Analytics measures and separates online traffic into channels that define their primary source: Organic, Social, Referral, Direct, Email, Paid Search, Display and Other.

5- Track your eCommerce

eCommerce Analytics

Google Analytics is possible to eCommerce tracking features for your online stores.

Utilize these measures to raise the performance of your online store, enhance potential sales, and stop clients from leaving without making a purchase. Metrics and audience information combined to allow for the development of successful funnel-based advertising to increase sales.


Because of its many advantages for businesses, Google Analytics is a useful tool for gathering data that may help you take your company to the next level.

Whether you use Google Analytics as a passive or an active tool, you can always refer back to it to find and realize your performance in reality.

Install the tool on a new website and every now again, do a proper audit before investing in the marketing budget into online advertising.

It's crucial to keep in mind that integrating data into your workflows and analysis techniques requires modifications to the way you handle new data with previous strategies. Over time, you will understand more about your customers and will improvise your business.

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Carolina Baroni
Carolina Baroni
October 27, 2022