Dolce Delizia - Organic Instagram Content Marketing Campaign

Conducted market research to create buyer personas, branding and target market. Developed and implemented an organic social media strategy. Analysed and reported results and KPIs.

Green Gatherings - Product Launch Content Marketing Campaign

Launched email campaign to generate leads for its product launch. Set up content marketing campaign components for the email marketing campaign, including a blog article for lead generation and a product landing page. Conducted market research to contribute to the content marketing strategy and use this analysis to create buyer personas and align blog articles and email course topics with target market, competitor, and industry analysis. Analysed and report results and KPIs to start-up executives.

One Health - Social Media and Paid Marketing Strategy

Developed and implemented a multi-platform organic social media strategy for a client. Designed and created consistently branded multimedia marketing content. Developed an ethical paid marketing strategy for your client. Developed and implemented paid ad campaigns using Meta and Google ad platforms. Analysed paid marketing performance metrics and test results. Optimized an ad campaign strategy.

Inclusive Tomorrow - Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

Analysed multi-channel marketing data and report results. Developed a data-driven multi-channel marketing strategy using project management tactics and tools to plan the execution of a campaign. Collaborated effectively with other stakeholders to execute a campaign plan.